HD Bitcoin Cash Headed to $5000? Charlie Lee Offloads Litecoin & More!

Bitcoin Cash Headed to $5000? Charlie Lee Offloads Litecoin & More!

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Crypto Bug
BCH for me please, just say no to the Blockstream Banksters BCore CrippleCoin.
DOGE & BCN are moving.
Charlie lee = 33 Chaldean numerology. The dirty slimy masons leaving their scent
Narciso Chavez
coinbase is doing an internal investigation about insider training
VitaLux IUC
Title of this video should be ...B-trash coin fools many suckers… But people will wake up and see the B-trash coin is a scam and run
Joe Momma
Ash Vecchio
Commerce wins in the end. Store of value comes with commerce! Bch has consistently outperformed btc. That's undeniable. If you would have just held your bch you'd be up more than holding btc. Again, better roi in alts than btc or bch!
Dennis H.
BTC just need SegWit adoption. Problem solved.
Digital Hedge
all i got to say is if the captain leaves the ship its time to dump
whats the best place to invest for australian investors? i am currently using Etoro