HD How BIG is Bitcoin? (6th Largest Currency)

How BIG is Bitcoin? (6th Largest Currency)

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Rip Net Neutrality.
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Dagogo is a modern day genius
Oscar Alsing
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ripple would repeat what transpired with bitcoin in the early days
Yoko Duo
so bitcoin is like gold and silver, but without the value? great.
Daniil Dimitrov
Well Bitcoin will hit $150 000 in 2018 so…
Alexander Arndt
Can you do a video about Ethereum?
This crypto currency got even more potential than Bitcoin. The rate of return raised up to 4000 % during this year!
grrr 。
3:50 wow, you are well aware of the situation. Kudos man.
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More crypto!
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Ethereum love<3
MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン
Biggest regret in my life is to not invest in Bitcoin
I see bitcoin I click.
i got Tai Lopez ad, he strikes again with his garage KNAWLEGDE (bookshelves could be seen).
Guys, if you want a currency with a future like Bitcoin, get yourself some Electroneum while it's at 7 cents. You will make money on that coin!

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I LOLed when he said 'secure' currency.
Educate Society
Answer: Very big
Lets face it, bitcoin itself is not a good currency. In fact, its a really bad currency,
40 years from now we are going to have a movie called “The wolf of bitcoin”
GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
Great video Dagogo! We release our episode of Hidden Secrets Of Money about Bitcoin in a couple of days...hope you enjoy it. There's quite a twist halfway through the episode...keep up the great work!
In the very first Bitcoin block, the creator of the system Satoshi Nakamoto included the following message, which was a headline from The Times newspaper that day.

«The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks»

This was not referencing to day-to-day commerce transactions. It's about the currency reserves held by Central Banks that are artificially inflated by fractional reserve banking and treasury bond swaps. Creating a store of value that the population can hold to protect their wealth without government interference or debasement IS Bitcoin's obvious use case. Make no mistake — Buying coffee and other small transactions with bitcoin come later. Much later. First, Bitcoin needs to provide an alternative store of value for those wishing to solve the problem it was created to address.
I have my eyes on Etherium and IOTA personally
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better than the last video, you still got some things wrong though
Note: At 2:30 when I mentioned that Bitcoin mining uses more energy than all of these countries, I didn't mean combined, just in comparison to each nation's individual power consumption.
Alex Bitcoin
Good video. Doing right now on the website primedice min 0.02 btc per day.Uploaded a new video on your channel.
mark clark
Correct me if I'm wrong, but in order for something to be a currency, people actually need to spend it. NOBODY spends btc right now. People just buy it with fiat currency and assume it will increase in value so they can sell it for more fiat currency. Bitcoin is the opposite of a currency in that people do not use it to buy anything and in order to use it in 99.9% of the real world, it must be converted into fiat currency.
Leo U.
I should have invested in that 4 years ago when i startet beeing interested about Bitcoins. I wanted to mine them but quickly realized it would take allot of time and energy to get something so i stopped…
They said: «gold, diamond worth something so why would a cryptocurrency compete since it has no value itself?»

I say: what about freedom? Has it some value? In this world People spend much more money for it before buying minerals.
Michael Hudgins
I'm over 10k deep in crypto and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I mine and buy various cryptos If it's this price and less than 1 PERCENT of the entire world actively uses it, imagine where it will go when we have ANOTHER economic crisis like the 2008 housing bubble. That is what spawned bitcoin in the first place. If you watch ColdFusion you know how corrupt the central banking system is (my favorite video he has ever made). Imagine where the price will go when the supply can no longer be mined and people get fed up with the inflated system we use now! You know how every time you watch Sci Fi they trade in CREDITS? Bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptos are credits! It's still the wild west! Create an account on Kraken or Coinbase and buy a small amount. IF you don't have that much faith, think of it like a fun little casino gamble and put $100 in it. Watch it grow over the next year and you will get addicted like me. HOLD through each bubble pop long term and you will end up a wealthy man/woman. That is what I truly think will happen.
Teemu Laine
Bitcoin was created in 2009...Pretty much ever since people been saying its a bubble and yet WE ARE STILL HERE!