HD MOST EPIC STEAM TRAINS - Dampflok Parallelfahrt auf der Schwarzwaldbahn

MOST EPIC STEAM TRAINS - Dampflok Parallelfahrt auf der Schwarzwaldbahn

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Most epic steam trains, side by sidein best actionGermany-Black Forest Januar 2014Dreikönigsdampf 2014 mit einer Dampfzug-Parallelfahrt von Hausach nach Triberg.Dieses Jahr hat fast alles geklappt, bis auf, dass eine Lok (58 311) in Hausach zurückbleiben musste.Eine tolle und unvergessliche Fahrt durch den Schwarzwald.Unsere Zuglok war die 01 150, unsere Schublok die 64 419.Ich war Gast im Zug des EFZ, Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn.Der Zug neben uns ist der Zug der UEF, Ulmer EisenbahnfreundeHier ist die Lok 52 7596 als Zuglok tätig.Schwarzwaldbahn, Dampfspektakel, Parallelfahrt, steam Train, Dampflok, Meinen Kanal findest du hier:Wenn du kein Video mehr verpassen möchtest kannst du mich gern hier abonnieren.
DreamTrains HD
Great video of a well known steamlocos event in the Schwartzwald. The tunnels full of steam are impressive. Thumbs up!
Don Hall
Beautiful video, but where's the snow?  Tausand dank.  D
Paul W. Woodring
Never would see anything like this in the U. S. in this day and age.  First, open window coaches on a mainline excursion in 2014 — the FRA, as well as the host railroad's safety people would have a fit (see you can trust the fans to behave).  Second, tying up a double-track mainline for most of a day for an excursion like this would probably have screwed up the host railroad's freight traffic for a day or two afterwards.  I have to say that this was great.  I thought I'd watch a couple of minutes of it and move on, but I stayed for the whole thing.  This even beats the side-by-side excursion of NKP 765 and PM 1225 during the 1991 Huntington, WV NRHS Convention (and that excursion was only 40 miles, and delayed CSX freight trains all the way back to Chicago for two or three days afterwards!).  The fact that something like this happens regularly in Germany in the 21st Century is truly remarkable.  For those over there who can read this in English — enjoy it while it lasts!
Михаил Шачков
красивый паравоз, но биг бойс самый крутои и мощный паравоз какой я видел, в два раза длинней обычного и сособен тащить состав длинной в 5 км, ездит на сырой нефти.
Das beste Dampflokvideo, das ich je gesehen habe. Unglaublich!!!
North East Steam
Just absolutely amazing, well done
Techno & Trains
Comme je l'ai déjà dit par ailleurs,c'est absolument génial comme vidéo,et de pouvoir organiser un tel voyage,qui plus est sur une ligne électrifiée,donc a fort trafic potentiel voyageurs et fret.Impensable une chose pareille en France.Profitez en bien.
Jannik Pagenkemper
Bei 23:30 wurde es bestimmt ein bisschen eng xD.Tolles Video!!!
How can you have 14 people who have not liked this video? Youtube really shows how different we human beings are! Beautiful video, I would love to be there sometime… cheers from Spain!
This was amazing! Seriously, i thought id stay only for a little but ended up on the whole thing!
Stewart Wilson
very good  first class video thank you :)
Greetings from the U.S.A!!! This is un-freaking believable!!! That must have been incredible!!! The high fives between trains tells the whole story. It's great to bring the world together through a packed train of «crazy» rail fans. Thanks for sharing!! Please, what locomotives were involved?
Superbe qualité, un grand merci pour ces superbes images! Comme dit dans les publicités Opel… Deutsch Qualität ;-)
Tom Jacobs
This should be a sport :D Steam Locomotive Racing! 
RockyRailroad Animation
I wonder.
What if at some point, a few countries send a representative steam locomotive to a place with straight, level track (Australia perhaps), and did a similar thing?
Pyrodesign UF - Moviechannel
Ich finde, Dampflokomotiven aller Art muß man mit «Gewalt» am Leben erhalten!!! Um jeden Preis!!! Ein riesen Stück Zuggeschichte die auch Generationen nach uns sehen sollen! Einfach Wahnsinn diese riesen Metallkollosse. Daumen hoch!
Most incredible video ever. Was this a special event?
William Liebbe
Duel of the Iron Horses- Awesome
I can imagine it must have been hot for the driver and the stoker/assistant inside that cabin.
John Steven
I've never seen anything like this. This was truly spectacular!
Dana Guy
Thanks so very much! Really enjoyed this :) Especially getting to see the flash of the fireboxes opening, the handshakes and high-fives across the cars/tracks, pretty much everything. Looks like a lot of fun.
I've ridden the Durango & Silverton train in Colorado, U.S.A., and several other local steam trains. There's nothing like that smell of smoke, and getting cinders in one's hair :) If you don't get a bit of coal dust on you, you weren't doing it right (got to open the window and take it all in).
What's better than seeing a steam locomotive climbing a beautiful mountain pass?

Two of them racing up the pass!!!

Thanks for sharing, and greetings from Canada!!!
Isti Kolos
Awsome! Loved how the driver was just chilling at 17:35! Thx for sharing!
Now THAT'S a ride! :D
Lovely. Note solar panels dominate house roofs: Much more than the UK. Our Prime Minister hates Solar: Calls it The Green Crap. Silly man.
M Senthil Kumar
Awesome video… Relived the old magic days of Steam…
Futfinger Tscharlie
W U N D E R B A R!!! «Gimme Five» from Train to Train in 6:30 and 17:32 ! Übrigens, die 52.7596 ist eine ehemalige ÖBB-Maschine, gebaut 1944 in der Wiener Lokomotivfabrik in Floridsdorf! MfG aus Floridsdorf ;-)
Railway fun to the max. Credit to the Deutsche Bundesbahn to make an event like this possible.Brilliant footage. Very nice traject. Love the smell of the steam, oil and burning coal.
frotttiop m
3:02 ....Als Technikbegeisterter kriegt man da unweigerlich ne Gänsehaut. Man hört jedes Kilowatt, was da durch die Zylinder, Blasrohre etc. ballert. Geil
17:33 That lucky bastard who shook the engineers hand!