HD Steam In Home Game Streaming Explained & Tested

Steam In Home Game Streaming Explained & Tested

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Steam In Home Streaming from Valve might be in BETA but that didn't stop us from spending a whole lot of time learning the in's and out's of it.Sponsor link: Pricing & discussion: Join our community forum: Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat — Check out his channel here: Outtro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana — Sugar High
Though thank the all powerful Gaben and his disciple Linus
Filip Gruning
so pointless it makes me want to cry.
Seyhak Jae
I hope that in the future the PC performances are more increase than right now.
Christian K
In home stream to oculus rift?
Lt. Jayy
sweet, now i can make a low end steambox and just stream from my gaming PC! suck it consoles.
Easily Triggered
Dear Valve,

Thanks for revolutionizing gaming instead of trying to keep it where Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are trying to keep it anchored. We need more awesome companies like you.

This video was really well done. Thanks so much for the hours that you spent putting this video together Linus. I really appreciate it.
Excellent video! You got featured in the official steam streaming group too.
14 fps is great for me in low settings...that's bad isn't it
10 years from now on, we will laugh at the poor performance of Steam In Home streaming that it is(/was) right now while we are seeing the same sort of performance on 8k streaming or maybe even 16k.
i wonder if i can use it with Hamachi LogMeIn.
For some reason back in October I put together a box with an i7 4960x, a geforce 780 (that came with batman arkham origins!), and 32GB of memory… and then for some other reason I paid a massive amount of money less than 2 weeks ago to wire up my house with cat6a, with all the cables meeting in my external detached office where my desktop is kept… I also have a linux laptop for work with a decent cpu (i7 4910MQ). On top of all that, I get home and my wife and all 4 kids are coincidentally out of town for the night… Then I login to steam to see that some new streaming technology is available today.

I now see that destiny has led me up to this point.
Dean.abie. Pepler
OKAY time to spill truth bean

i Streamed Sniper Elite V2 in ULTRA HIGH END from my desktop over My NETGEAR DG 2200v4 N+300

desktop to laptop NO FUCKING LAG… continued to play the game on my laptop with a mouse and key board my laptop on wireless and desktop on lan with CAT6+e 10 GB/s Monster advanced. Wireless 300 Mb/s HP g70 212 EM

NO LAG in graphics or miliseconds.

GOOD WORK VALVE… its working perfect for windows users. it had a BIT OF PROBLEMS in BETA but its 1000 MILLION PERFECT Perecentage keep it as is PLS
Jackson Ludwig
«Okay Let's see if it wor- okay not defeated yet.»
Sprits Fal
But u STILL have to have 2 machines running the same thing. Why not just improve the quality of the room the gaming rig is in instead of all this bs? For example, u stream to ur living room cuz it's more comfortable with it's couch and big screen tv. Why not hook up the pc in that room and cut out the costs of running 2 machines at once?
Unless u can stream using ur pc at home to a laptop somewhere else in the world, I don't see much use in this technology imho.
Hope some1 can help me out proving me wrong cuz I REALLY want to understand why this is a big deal.
Is this like Onlive?
im using OLD laptops with less then 2 gigs of ram to steam games to at 720p.
xubuntu old laptop + steam + powerfull main computer =fun
Steam in home streaming is AMAZING! My HTPC is a Athlon X2 with a 9600 pro, yet I can play games flawlessly on it now. Same goes for my laptop, before it was useless for gaming because 1. It runs Ubuntu and 2. it heats up like crazy when you try to play a game on it. But now with in home streaming, both those problems are GONE!

I use this feature all the time now.
Ankit Thakur
@Linus can we stream it over internet by using VPN tools such as Himachi, making a LAN connection over internet?
Cream Soda
Means my computer has to be able to run games in order for this to work?
this thing is a pile of shit. all that hook up shit for what to play pc steam games on your tv. well let me put this in perspective.

pc hdmi card tv. wait what that was pretty fucking simple. any man who has a man cave is going to have a fairly decent tv in their man cave.

jesus christ. i use a intel core i7 with a 4 gig amd video card hooked through hdmi to a 60 inch smart tv. with steam running on the pc. screw you valve for trying to add mroe bullshit simply to turn a buck.

i see steam becoming the new E.A of the gaming industry.
sound like its going to be a laggy mess…
Pascal spooK
or you can just use an HDMI cable, works great for me :P
Wireless keyboard and mouse and I can close my laptop and play.
i'd like to play a steam game (with a controller) on my iphone while pooping.
screw 4K, i don't even have 1080p :/
I'd like to see him revisit this with the Steam Link
Bilo Chan
Is this the guy who produce As Fast As Possible series? :D
Dirk DigDuggler
A puny laptop core i3 with 8gb ram and intel hd4000 graphics streams gameplay like a dream from my host PC. GTAV, Skyrim, Dishonered, Elite Dangerous I play all of them with a 4 year old laptop.
Digital Insan1ty
How is the performance nowadays? Is 4k streaming already possible? Isn't this very dependent of the quality of your router and network adapters? Is it possible to pass through non steam games?
Eric Bostick
run it Ethernet wired a room away and play a.c. origins it's unplayable lol