HD Bitcoin - Is It Too Late To Invest?? (Update)

Bitcoin - Is It Too Late To Invest?? (Update)

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Luis Morales
andy b
Hi from the uk
Josie Wulf
Avi teach me how to fuck phat ass bitches in Poland and make money pleeeaase. i wana be just like you!
Michael Turner
Suh dude.
Josie Wulf
I think your being a little bit too much of a negative nancy on investing. Like what about the long term? Even if Bitcoin does pop? But i literally don't know shit, so there's that.
Dylan A
Avi I'm happy that you changed your look and now you're going for the professional look but I'm going to do some research on you because I swear illuminati took over your body or you've been kidnapped by the government #BringBackOldAVI
The Dylan Klebold
You didn't even talk about the segwit2x hardfork, that's like the leading cause of the bitcoin growth pump recently
Dude I need som links to buy drugs (weed)
I'm impressed with those channel stats dude

who do you think your direct competition on here?
Sammy Yosemite
If cryptocurrency is here to stay then why would you call it a bubble? I don't think it's overvalued at all either.
Sammy Yosemite
Why not do a video on the privacy coins like Monero, Dash, Zcash or PIVX? It seems like they relate more to your channel. :D
your mate tom is an awesome channel too. he's Australian
he talks about drug experiences with him and his girlfriend
Lurp Jr
Your comment section without you being live was still dope. Love the AVI fam
Phasemental Supranatural
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